Why You Should Learn .NET

Why You Should Learn .NET

Seven reasons I’m excited about .net in 2019

It’s Portable: .net core and Mono are both battle-tested on Windows, Linux and Mac. Microsoft and .net workloads are obviously well-supported on Azure, but they’re also first-class citizens on AWS.

It’s Fun: Unity has become the standard for game developers, especially for mobile, AR, and VR. Unity abandoned UnityScript in 2017, making C# the primary scripting language.

It’s Fast: even faster than you think. .net Core is faster than Java across the board and up to 3x faster than Go on AWS Lambda.

Great Tools: Visual Studio and VSCode are two of the best IDEs available, and they are both free. With the Roslyn compiler, we can look forward to more innovative IDE integration in the future.

Great Languages: C# and F# are both excellent programming languages. Productive, expressive, and strongly-typed, these languages include built-in asynchronous primitives, query expressions, exception handling, and a secure package manager. Both are superbly documented, easy to learn, and backed by active communities.

Great Ideas: the .net ecosystem gave birth to great ideas like await/async, ReactiveX (FRP), LINQ, and TypeScript.

Thoughtful Evolution: Each new language update includes thoughtful additions that won’t give you whiplash. For example, C# 8.0 will include async streams, enabling you to write code like this:

await foreach (string message in GetChatMessagesAsync()) {

For all these reasons and more, I hope you’ll join me in learning .net in 2019! If you’re already an experienced .net user, what are you most excited about in 2019?