19 December 2019

How to run your own Minecraft Server

Minecraft is the perfect game to play with your family and friends this holiday season. In this post, I'll show you how to run your own dedicated Minecraft server.

26 August 2019

How to build a Pocket Platform-as-a-Service

A step-by-step guide to building infrastructure for new web projects

21 May 2019

Safe List Updates with DynamoDB

When modifying a list attribute on a DynamoDB document, we need to take extra steps to achieve correctness and concurrency. I discuss several solutions in this post.

19 January 2019

Why You Should Learn .NET

Seven reasons I’m excited about .net in 2019

09 January 2019

WebSockets & API Gateway

A hands-on demo of stateful, push-based APIs using WebSockets & Amazon API Gateway.

14 December 2018

GraphQL Subscriptions vs. Live Queries

What’s the difference between Subscriptions and Live Queries? When would you use one vs. the other?

06 December 2018

From MVC to Modern Web Frameworks

In this post, I discuss the history of the MVC pattern and how it evolved into the modern web frameworks we use today, such as React, Vue, and Angular.

29 October 2018

Reflecting on Building Real-time APIs at Facebook

Last month, I took some time to reflect on what I learned while building real-time APIs at Facebook.

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