28 May 2020

Intro to Deno

Talk to your children about package managers before Deno does.

10 May 2020

Let's Build: Real-time session invalidation

Some applications need to limit users to a single client or browser instance. This post covers how to build, improve, and scale this feature.

21 May 2019

Safe List Updates with DynamoDB

When modifying a list attribute on a DynamoDB document, we need to take extra steps to achieve correctness and concurrency. I discuss several solutions in this post.

09 January 2019

WebSockets & API Gateway

A hands-on demo of stateful, push-based APIs using WebSockets & Amazon API Gateway.

01 August 2018

From Zero to GraphQL Subscriptions

In this blog post, I’ll cover the theory, implementation, and challenges of building GraphQL Subscriptions from scratch.

26 October 2014

Unit Testing AngularJS with Jasmine in Visual Studio

In this post, we'll learn how to write and run unit tests for AngularJS in Visual Studio 2013 using Jasmine and Chutzpah.

18 October 2014

Unit Testing JavaScript with QUnit in Visual Studio

Let's write some JavaScript unit tests in VS 2013 using Chutzpah and QUnit.

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